2021 – A year full of optimism!

Learning from an early age to aim to improve and to be comfortable to make mistakes are skills that we foster in our school. We are working with the children in Year 1 and Year 2 on implementing the Growth Mindset. We discussed with the children strengths, talents and weaknesses and also looked at what they want to learn next and how they can do to achieve that.

In Year 2JF the children shared with us that when ‘you get stuck’ you need to ‘try again and again’, ‘relax, take a step back, breathe and try again’, ‘ask for help from someone who knows’, or ‘read or search about it’. It was amazing to hear them discuss ‘being in the dip’ during the ClassDojo inspired class assembly. As a consequence, the children have kept trying in their work!

In their Topic work the children found out about famous writers – and wrote poems too, musicians – and listened to some Mozart and Weber and learned some songs, and inventors – and made some parachutes like DaVinci. Timelines were a focus so far this term as well.

We’ve had an exciting start to the new term in Year 2BT!

We’ve learned and discovered many new things, both in the classroom and online. The children have adapted well to each new learning situation and we have been proud of them! We started a new topic about houses and homes, where we looked at different types of homes from around the world and in different climate zones. We also looked at housing styles in the past and the children imagined what houses could look like in the future. We began to learn more about our local area by making maps of the school compound.

In Literacy, Year 2BT helped to solve a mysterious case. All the punctuation in Fairytale Land was stolen by a mischievous thief. We looked for clues and fixed the punctuation and in the end, guess what? We cracked the case! Not only are we great students, we are also super detectives! In Numeracy, the children loved learning about 3D shapes, how to tell the time to the nearest quarter and they continued to become more confident in their understanding of place value.

In Art we worked together to make a polar bear puzzle and we collected leaves to help us create a hedgehog and a lion. The animals are watching over us nicely from their places on the classroom wall. In PSHE, we learned about the kindness bucket. We wrote kind things about each other and we continue to add notes to the bucket every week to remember all of the kind things that the children do for one another.

We will continue our learning adventures focusing on an ’I can do’ attitude to allow the children to feel ‘unstoppable’ in anything that they might attempt. As written on – “Using ‘yet’ brings hope. It ignites a ‘can-do’ attitude! It creates an encouraging environment. But it isn’t all roses…you have to be willing to learn from your mistakes…to persevere!!”

The KS1 wonderful learning adventure continues!

2021 – A year full of optimism!

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