A 100 Days of School

A few years ago King’s Oak started marking the 100th school day in Reception Class at Mrs Williams’ suggestion. The first to ever celebrate this event were the children who are now in Year 3. So, we have to thank them and Mrs Williams for setting a tradition that we have kept in our school and that we all enjoy! This year each class marked the 100 Days of School on the 10th February in different ways. Some made posters showing what they learnt or liked during these 100 days in school, others wrote about each of their subjects, or even had 100 muffins for snack.It was a day in which we all had the opportunity to look back at our school year so far and think about how we grew together and perhaps think ahead at what we want the remaining school days to be like.

Here’s to many more 100 Days of School, King’s Oak pupils, teachers and parents!

100 Days of School

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