A Day in the life of a KOBIS Secondary Student…actually two students

Hi! We are two KOBIS Secondary School students: Leen, Year 8 and Ana, Year 9. Are you ready to experience a day in our life? 

We joined this school two years ago. We were new, and had no friends here. Ana said “Hi” and welcomed me to sit next to her. Even though I was shy, we became friends in a matter of hours. As for me, Ana, I remember I had the feeling that talking and studying in English was going to be hard and totally different from my past school experiences. Aaa… and yes, Leen only remembers that she was really shy and thought that she would not have friends so soon!

 But the fates knew better… 

Now let’s get to the fun and cool part for us!

It’s Friday morning. We get to school. The welcoming class awaits us as usual. We go to our desks and prepare for the first lesson. Mrs. Cristescu breaks the ice with some jokes during morning Form Tutor time. We laugh as the minutes pass by and with a joyful face enters our PE teacher, Mr. Daniel.

The PE lesson begins. We start with our ‘’breathtaking’’ laps. Everyone is exhausted and sweaty. When the `holy` break finally comes, there is not a single soul that is sorrowful. We learned how to cherish small stuff! :) Before COVID 19 existed, we used to end our PE lessons with some really fun games such as basketball, football, and some other games we created. Now, when we were in quarantine, and when there were too many cases, we did the impossible: we did PE in front of our COMPUTERS!!! Nobody would’ve seen this coming, right? Our class is pretty resilient, so we didn’t have a hard time adjusting to this alternative! We still had some problems, though… Our eyes and backs hurt because we didn’t move that much. Oh… you can’t imagine how happy we are to be back in school!

Ahh, the well deserved morning break! We know it’s a good day when the kitchen staff spoil us with snacks such as croissants, pancakes or fresh fruit. We play games, and socialise, whilst also respecting the social distancing rules these days. We are happy to be together!

Time for some `English fun`, as some of our colleagues say,  with Mrs. Cristescu. Every lesson is a mystery: reading, writing, exploring, and most importantly, learning. Every teacher has his/her way of communicating with the students, but our teachers have something that makes us feel special and loved! She always finds a way to please everyone, and that makes every lesson with her wonderful. We even ended up loving `Hamlet` and Shakespeare! This week, for example, she came up with an essay/story writing task that everyone liked: the story of a  pebble getting stuck in someone’s shoe! Imagine that: us turning into pebbles and imagining how our `lives` would be! Everyone was pleased with this idea and couldn’t wait to start this creative adventure. Extended writing can be fun and, so far, everyone has done a great job!

Next, we put on our programming and coding hats and prepare for ICT. YAY!!! We enter the world of 0-s and 1-s. The world of commands. We learned and still do how to draw, how to move characters and many more, only on our computers! We have learned how to create our own sites, and even created some AMAZING multimedia presentations. It’s really facilitative! We do not want to show off, but we learned soooo many things, that we are some…wizards of the applied digital skills! Google Sites, Google Docs, Jamboard, Google Sites, you name it and we work with it! 

BEWARE!! The looooooong lunch break has arrived! It all starts with the tastiest soup and ends with the most delicious cupcakes. Afterwards, we enjoy some quality time with the other students. Most of the time, we go outside and stop to adore the electrifying view, provided by the beautiful lake scenery surrounding our building.

Next class: Geography! We travel the world – digitally and virtually –  alongside our great teacher, Mr. Roberts. With him,  we learn more about ourselves and the world we live in with each minute of the Geography lesson. Every country, every mountain, lake or river has some mysteries waiting to be discovered! Together, we will make the world a better place!

Here we go! Another snacky break which manages to reunite us! :)

For our next class, we welcome Year 10 into our classroom and socialise with them, along with the best “actress”, Miss. Baxter our Drama teacher. We play games and act like we are no longer in school, but in other characters` bodies and lives. We express feelings, emotions and even `scream` our fears and frustrations out, liberating ourselves in such artistic ways!

Class after class, the hours passed and we were learning, evolving and having fun without noticing that it’s time for us to return to our homes. We finish the day with our form tutor, Mrs Christescu, talking and telling her how our day was, how we feel and if she has any advice or anything to tell us.

Then we say our goodbyes, thinking of the next day, aka tomorrow. Tomorrow… We are always looking forward to tomorrow because in our school each and every tomorrow counts: we are supported and appreciated, we are listened to, we are surrounded by wonderful people, we are challenged and guided to face even small failures, we keep on trying and we do not give up!  

We are inspired to be as strong and majestic as the oak tree!

PS: sounds too good to be true? We dare you to come and join us even for a day and `taste` the KOBIS Secondary School life!

A Day in the life of a KOBIS Secondary Student…actually two students

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