Anti-bullying Awareness Week

Whether we can identify it, or it comes under cover in a variety of forms, bullying is not extinct. Kings Oak British International School understands the importance of raising awareness to its students about how we can tackle bullying and promote anti-bullying awareness. Students at Kings Oak British International School have learned about kindness, friendship, self and co-regulation strategies, empathy, and compassion. It is an ongoing multimodal approach that our school is aiming to promote amongst its students throughout all Key stages during this academic year by class teachers supported by the counselling department.

We are teaching our children from an early age to participate in activities that boost social-emotional learning, to explore ways to understand and appreciate themselves and each other. Therefore, empathy and compassion become means for children and adults. Although partly inherited, studies show that empathy can be taught.

One way to facilitate empathy expression is to encourage children to get together and talk about their differences. Allow them to practice conflict resolution, work through problems, and build their understanding of those around them. Children benefit from learning and practicing emotional and social skills such as: feeling connected; learning about empathy; adults being able to identify the escape and gateway behaviors, children having a variety of  contexts in which they can feel safe and express their feelings though art of other creative means. Opportunities that need to be in children’s reach, in a variety of contexts, at home as well as at school. This will foster a community that learns and thrives together.

Maria Calapod –Tomescu


Educational psychologist

Anti-bullying Awareness Week

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