FAQ's Nursery

Frequently asked questions

What if my child cries when I’m not there?

Your child will be given the support and comfort that they need. If your child is very upset at any time and cannot be settled we will call you.
Do children sleep in the afternoon?

Depending on their stage of development children in Pink and Orange classes may still require sleep in the afternoon. Other children, however, may not and therefore this is not compulsory. Children in Green class rarely sleep in the afternoon and children in Reception class do not sleep.
What do they wear?

Our practical activities often involve glue and paint. Although children are specifically provided with aprons, the risk of marking clothes remains. Please dress your child in practical clothes suitable for all the activities. Labelling all items of clothing with children’s names helps to avoid items of clothing being mixed up or lost.
What happens if my child is ill at nursery or if my child gets hurt?

If you child should become ill while at school we will use the contact telephone numbers to inform you straight away. If an injury occurs, our school nurse will attend to your child and she will call you. Parents should always ensure that their contact details are up-to-date. These can be checked or changed by contacting the office – officereception@inspe.ro. Tel +40 21 380 3535
Can they bring their toys with them?

Due to the upset and distress that lost or broken toys can cause, we prefer that toys from home are not brought to school. It is, however, acceptable that a child may come to school with one ‘comfort’ toy – particularly when they are settling in to their new surroundings.
What if my child forgets to go to the toilet?

Helping young children with their toilet training is an important part of their development, however from time-to-time accidents will happen. In anticipation of this we ask parents to provide a spare change of clothes which are kept in school. If a child forgets to go to the toilet, then we simply reassure them and change them into their spare clothes.
How can I help my child to settle?

Every child is different and each one will adapt differently to their new environment. For children in Pink class we offer an optional home visit prior to the child starting nursery. Our induction period is tailor made to ensure that they settle as quickly and as easily as possible. Our experienced staff will talk to you on a daily basis about the policies and procedures that we have in place to help ensure that your child settles as quickly as possible.
What are the hours of the nursery school?

Our younger children in the Early Years department can attend either part time or full time depending on what they are ready for. Part time hours are from 08.30 until either 12.00 or 13.00 and full time hours are from 08.30 until 15.15. All children may take part in after school clubs which run from 15.15 until 16-15 daily.