Head of Secondary Message

At King`s Oak Secondary we believe in providing an education that is well rounded and encapsulates our vision statement of Inspiring creativity, developing confidence, celebrating community. It is our strong belief that each student is unique, and therefore we endeavour to meet their individual needs, not just for academic learning but for their overall character and development of life skills. In Secondary School we continue to make sure our young people are given the opportunity to learn, think, create, and innovate.

I am proud of our curriculum which aims to integrate 21st century skills and competencies to develop confident, resilient, and adaptable young adults for an ever-changing world.

These days, it seems resilience and determination to find solutions and take responsibility for learning are key characteristics for successful students. Guided and supported, all students need to develop the independent-learning skills which will ensure they become the next generations of well-rounded young adults who can cope in a fast changing and competitive modern world. It is not the reading of Shakespeare or the intensive study of Mathematics that make successful students, but it is developing in students the skills and abilities they need to interact with these and how they might use these skills on a day-to-day basis. This should be the goal of the modern educator: to support all students as they move from shallow learning to deep learning and further on!

The superpower of a teacher is to guide all student’s way beyond the limited borders of their own experiences and make them reach and discover incredible universes which will provide them with new opportunities.

We fully support all our students as they become courageous, resourceful, collaborative risk-takers who have the resilience to make mistakes, learn from them and reflect on ways to move forward in their learning!

Mihaela Christescu

Head of Secondary School