Outdoor Play

At King’s Oak British International school we believe that the journey through education for any child must include opportunities for a series of planned, quality outdoor learning experiences. Outdoor learning can provide unique experiences for children and young people, stimulate young minds in new ways and provide an insight into life science, language, literacy and numeracy and environmental awareness.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor learning offers many opportunities for learners to deepen and contextualise their understanding within curriculum areas, and for linking learning across the curriculum in different contexts and at all levels.

At King’s Oak British International School we have planned outdoor activities and learning opportunities and these take place throughout the whole year. It is only in the most inhospitable weather that we don’t venture outdoors. What if it rains? Great!

The children love to experience the rain, jumping in puddles and catching water in saucepans for cooking of filling containers. In cold weather the children will be dressed up warmly and remain active. Therefore you need to make sure that your child has the appropriate clothes for outdoor play. There is no inappropriate weather- just inappropriate clothes!

The benefits of outdoor play are well documented, and include:

  • Increasing physical activity play helps children develop flexible and divergent thinking which then provides children with the ability to solve real world problems.
  • Outside is a natural environment for children. There is a freedom associated with the space which cannot be replicated inside.
  • Reducing anxiety and improving mood (children will often be less inhibited outside, and more willing to join in with activities, talk and come out of their shells).
  • Improving concentration and focus
  • Enhancing imaginative and creative play
  • Enhancing imaginative and creative play
  • Promoting problem solving and leadership skills.
  • Growing the next generation of stewards for the earth.
  • Developing stronger immune systems