Joy, Optimism and Cheerfulness- Nursery Children are coming back to school!

Through this unprecedented school year, our nursery team was committed to helping the children thrive, flourish and adapt to new situations and changes.

The teachers adapted their teaching and were able to innovate in order to keep the children happy, engaged and positive. Coming back to school was a thrilling time for us and we prepared this moment with care and consideration. We know that some children may experience a loss of trust in the world after a global pandemic; they may believe that because a terrifying thing has happened, they can no longer trust that life can be happy and safe again. All teachers encouraged the children to see their strengths they have consolidated and encouraged them to notice what they have learned during this time.  This helped the children develop their self-esteem and confidence. We didn’t pretend that nothing is different or that we haven’t found the pandemic scary, difficult or sad. We told the children that people can endure such challenges and are especially able to withstand such hard times when those around them are supportive and caring.

Our Nursery was always a happy, stimulating and a caring environment but now more than ever we would like the children and parents to feel safe, supported and help out. We prepared and adapted our planning and carefully delivered it through engaging and fun activities; we introduced more social- emotional games for children that helped them manage their emotions, cope with unknown feelings and work on social skills.

Joy, Optimism and Cheerfulness- Nursery Children are coming back to school!

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