King’s Oak School Inventor’s Club

The children at King’s Oak School enjoy a wide variety of options for after-school clubs. Regular offerings include art, ballet and dance, drama, construction, football, Pilates, gymnastics, Aikido, chess, sewing, puppets and science-themed clubs. These extra-curricular opportunities are one of the many ways that we seek to cater to the interests and abilities of our students and to promote holistic child development.

During the autumn term, a group of children from Reception to Year 4 participated in Inventor’s Club with Ms. Williams and Mr. Draper. The children in the club impressed us with their inquisitiveness and creativity. We enjoyed learning about important inventors from history and their inventions. The children especially enjoyed learning about Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb), Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone), Benjamin Franklin (inventor of the lightning rod and the Franklin stove), and the Wright Brothers (who discovered wing warping and realised the first successful sustained powered flight).

We also learned about the process of invention: identifying a need or problem, brainstorming a solution, building a model to test your idea, making necessary improvements until the invention works, registering a patent, and marketing your idea. We took inspiration from a variety of modern-day kid inventors, and we worked on a plan and a model for our own inventions. The children’s ideas were truly brilliant, and we look forward to seeing what amazing inventions they will create in the future!

Our motto: Never give up, and never stop inventing!

Inventor`s Club

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