KOBIS Eco Spring

Although it looks like spring will fully be with us towards the end of March, we have already started celebrating it at King’s Oak! The children chose a natural approach for their “Martisoare” this year, thoughtfully caring for the environment. Year 3 went for clay, while Year 5 chose to bake some delicious cookies. Our young Year 1 made Martisor seeds tablets, heart shaped, ready to be planted or just watered. Year 4 created red and white symbols, out of wool.  What a great and diverse way to welcome spring!

In Year 4, they chose to plant small gifts in corks and had a go at upcycling lemon seeds, planting them in the lemons they came from. We are all looking forward to seeing our lemon trees growing soon :)
We also had our first batteries and light bulbs collection recycled, along with the IT equipment which could no longer be used.

So proud of our little planet rescuers!

Way to go, King’s Oak superstars!

KOBIS Eco Spring


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