KS1 at King’s Oak started full speed ahead!

A new #school year has begun taking the children, the parents and the teachers onto yet a new #journey. After the hot but restful summer, we are all ready to learn new things by interacting, discovering, exploring and playing together.

“The beauty about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” , said BB King. Indeed, this is what the KS1 teachers are aiming to #inspire in their students this year – the love of learning and the pride of being curious and wanting to find out. That is why they have prepared fantastic activities that stretch their imagination and incites the children to learn.

KS1 is both a beginning and an ending. Year 1 children have started primary school, which gradually brings about more structured learning transitioning from Early Years to KS2 – a bit more text composition, new math strategies, artists and artistic styles, and lots of new topics to explore. Year 2 will polish all the above skills and gain some maturity by the end of the year, getting ready for KS2. It goes without saying that all this intense learning will be spiced up with lots of fun hands-on activities.

The beginning of the year is always about the students meeting each other and the new teachers, getting settled back into routines, setting rules for living together peacefully and in harmony, and discovering a whole new environment.

We wish all our children a brilliant year!

KS1 at King’s Oak started full speed ahead!

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