Welcome to a new school year!

On Tuesday, September 1st 2015, King’s Oak returned to school, after a most deserved holiday!

The school was brimming over with laughter, and their was a soundtrack of chuckles and (proud) sighs. It was a time for hellos and welcome back and catching up.

The children blended seamlessly into new classes, some entering the school for the very first time, as did our new Head Teacher, Mrs. Susan Eriksson, a world-renowned professional with a wealth of experience, who marked her first grand opening at the helm of King’s Oak- in style.

This year will be an exciting one at King’s Oak and teachers, parents and children are looking forward to learning together at King’s Oak

Afterwards, it was time to “embark” on a fantastic voyage around a world of learning. Some of the “passengers” stepped aboard cautiously, others with ease, but after a last hug “stage fright” vanished like a dream, and the enthralling activities in the classrooms – be they in the Nursery or the Primary School – convinced the pupils that King’s Oak is the place to be.

How about you? Get your backpack in order and join us at King’s Oak!

King’s Oak- Inspiring creativity, developing independence, celebrating community.

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