Our learning at King’s Oak

In Year 2 we had fun learning about Habitats, exploring their characteristics and animals. The children worked in groups in order to recreate a small representation of what the Polar region, Savannah, Woodland and Rainforest might look like. They had to research about their habitat, think about what materials they might need, go and collect them and decide as a group what the next steps should be. We believe they have done a brilliant job! Well done, Year 2! and in Maths we  extended our knowledge of number bonds in order to solve more complicated additions to 100. We had fun creating and playing differentiated practical games in order to help with our understanding.

Children in Year 3 have been eager to learn first-hand exciting information about our new topic” Light and Shadow”. You can see how engrossed children are while researching for information and creating their own posters!

our learning at kings oak

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