Secondary life at King’s Oak British International School

In September 2016 King’s Oak opened its doors to the very first Year 7, (Key Stage 3 ) pupils. We decided to embrace tablet technology to ensure the pupils all had easy access to high quality texts and research opportunities. The pupils take their tablets home and can use them to complete homework tasks and to further consolidate their learning in geography, history, science and English.

Recent research has shown that transition from a primary school to a new setting may take longer than at first thought and that children’s confidence and attitudes towards learning  can decline during the first few years of secondary school. Evidence indicates that pupils up until 14 years learn better  through having  consistent form tutors who deliver the core subjects, and our pupils benefit from specialist subject teachers as well as their form tutors.

At King’s Oak , our small, community focused school ensures that every pupil is valued and we can monitor and track any anxiety which may impact on the learning journey.

    The learning journey continues- sailing into the future!