Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The welfare of our pupils is paramount and we firmly believe that children learn best when they are happy and confident. We aim to ensure that all of our children are happy at school. Children should be able to enjoy their childhood with innocence and joy.

Our teachers work hard to ensure that all of the children are catered for as individuals and children are provided with ample time to share their anxieties but equally, celebrate every success. The staff support the children and ensure that they are well organised and confident.

We provide a balanced education  with children achieving excellent academic results. However, our vision is to develop in our children those qualities that cannot be defined by academic success: interpersonal skills, leadership potential, self-awareness and mental and physical stamina.

Such personal skills are encouraged and reinforced through the school’s social and health programme. Circle time in the Early Years and class circle time in the primary school provide a vehicle for learning and discussing these vital skills and qualities. We believe that self-confidence, emotional intelligence and mindfulness are invaluable assets for future life.

At King’s Oak British International School we provide a truly holistic education.

The school has a full-time nurse  to deal with any medical emergency which should arise. Her responsibilities also include monitoring and recording the pupils’ physical development as well as working with pupils, teachers and parents to promote good health and well-being in all the children at the school.

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