Raising money for Don Orione

In September the whole school held a fund raising activity to help children affected by genetic diseases. We took part in Jeans for Genes” and all wore jeans to school. Year 7-8 have lucky enough to visit the Don Orione Residential Home to see how our donations were allocated and the impact the money would have on the lives of the children who attend the school.

We were really impressed to see how well the children were being helped and taken care of. The nursing staff and teachers were so kind and they looked like they enjoyed their vocation, there was a lot of happiness and smiles within the school which is very clean, bright and happy. The Don Orione home has two wings, one for children and one for very elderly people and  when we arrived we were delighted to see the adults and children coming together to enjoy a comedy sketch which starred Stella Popescu and Alexandru  Arsinel  who are very well know actors from Bucharest. Ms Popescu and Mr Arsinel, were performing in their free time to enlighten the life of people who are less fortunate then ourselves. After this short theatre act, we went around the whole building to see all the children and their activities. We noticed how clean and spacious the building was, it was obviously well cared for.  We had the chance to look in at the children’s bedrooms and their living areas which were exceptionally colourful and joyful.

We were especially proud to see the equipment purchased through our past fundraising efforts being used every day to improve the mobility and the life of the children. The monies raised previously bought this much needed specialist equipment including the mobility cage and its accessories plus a mobile with light and sound to stimulate the most fragile children.

For the next year our target is to raise money to buy specially adapted bikes so that the children can play like all  children in the fresh air. We feel ready for this challenge and thank you in advance for your help in reaching our ambitious target of raising even more money so that we can provide one of these specially adapted bikes.

Written by Student Council members.

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