King’s Oak British International School offers up to 4 scholarships for  the secondary department. The children must be 11 years old by 31st August  to enter the scholarship competition and successful students will enter Year 7 in the Autumn Term. Scholarships awards will be granted not only on academic ability but on financial needs and parents may be asked to provide financial disclosure.

Candidates will be required to submit their name, date of birth and current school to

The selection of scholars will be as follows:

  • An examination consisting of Maths, English and non-verbal papers will be sat. Dependent on the result of the examinations selected students will be invited to the school.
  • Students selected for the second phase of must prepare a 10 minute presentation on the subject, “What is a global citizen”.
  • Students will undertake an interview with the Head of School and the scholarship committee and parents will meet with the Head of School.
  • The committee will review the files of candidates and make their recommendations.