School Trips

School trips are an important part of the education that the pupils receive. These trips begin with short explorations around the local area for the younger Nursery children and progress to half or full day excursions for pupils in the Primary School. The length of time of overnight trips and distances involved in these depend upon the age of the pupils. In Secondary, there are a number of day trips and residential trips offered throughout the year, including the Start of Year Residential Trip to help the students bond and the End of Year Residential Trip to celebrate the end of the year and all that has been achieved.


The aims of off-site trips are as follows:

  • To enhance curricular and recreational for our pupils;
  • To provide a wider range of experiences for our pupils that could be provided on the school site alone;
  • To promote the independence of our children and pupils as learners;
  • To enable them to grow and develop in new learning environments.

Permission slips, costs involved and information regarding all school trips are sent home prior to any trip taking place. When residential trips are planned, a trip presentation meeting for parents is scheduled. This is designed to share detailed trip information and also any answer questions that parents may have.

Residential Trip June 2021