Summer school

Our Summer School program begins immediately after the academic year has ended in June and lasts for 3 weeks in July.

The focus of the program is to offer a variety of fun age-appropriate activities and experiences which may not be possible during term time. These may include wall climbing, swimming, tennis, cooking, horse riding, dance, drama and sports lessons. As well as this weekly trips to places of interest are also planned. Again these depend on the age of the children. However, typical trips include visiting local parks, indoor play areas, the local zoo, a farm, television studios or museums.

The Summer School is open to all children whether they are at the school or not and Nursery age children have the option of staying for a half day and leaving at lunchtime if they want. The Summer School begins at 9 am every morning and finishes at either 12 noon, 1 pm or 3 pm for Nursery children. Pupils aged 5 years and above stay full time until 3 pm. Although the Summer School program runs for a total of 3 weeks, parents may choose which weeks they want their child to take part in. More information about the exact dates, activities and the costs involved is available at the beginning of May. Please contact for more information or to enroll your child.


Summer School 2021