King’s Oak students Andrei Baltac, Ava Scrieciu-Vlanga and Aidan Saroudis have won extremely prestigious COBIS Student Achievement Awards. COBIS (Council of British International Schools) only award this for achievements that are exceptional and unique that fall into either of the categories below:

• Outstanding academic achievement

• Sustained, high level contributions to the wider life of the school

• Significant contributions to the school’s/community’s charity activities

• An act of bravery in the school/community.

Andrei Baltac took his first French exam in June 2015. One year later, Andrei went for the A1 exam, which he passed successfully, surprising everybody with his high marks at such a young age. In 2018, Andrei passed both French A2 and Spanish A1 exams, continuing the series of great results in the field of Foreign Languages. It is not unusual for children who study languages to take these exams. What is amazing though is the very young age that Andrei passed these exams at: the first one at 6 and the last two when he was only 9 years old. Aged 10, Andrei is preparing now for the B1 French DELF exam, comparable to the GCSE level, and the CEFR A2 Spanish exam.

Apart from being a hard-working student, Ava is a fantastic example of compassion and dedication when it comes to helping the less fortunate. She hesitate when somebody needs a nice thought or help. She is caring and does her best to help everybody around her as much as possible. Outside school, Ava is involved in volunteer work as part of the “Inocenti” foundation helping and supporting less fortunate children who have to be in hospital for a long time. Ava impresses everybody with her strong will to volunteer and help as much as possible, despite her young age, as she is only 9.

Aidan Saroudis came 1st place out of over 15,500 entrants in the international mental maths competition SuperTmatik. Aidan dedicated hours of practise in and out of school in preparation for the contest which was held in school on an online platform. He had to answer various mental maths questions against various online opponents as quickly as possible to progress through the stages. His overall result of 1st place is nothing short of extraordinary!

COBIS Winners

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