We Love Spring!

Spring has arrived!

Birds are chirping, the sun is brighter and warmer and we welcome back many of our little friends: the lizards, the bugs, the swans which populate our wonderful surroundings! We missed you guys!

To enjoy the sunny weather to the fullest, we are all doing our best to carry out as many outdoor activities as possible, incorporating them into our study topics. Sometimes we may look like the busiest bees! :)

We began planting seedlings in classes, and when the plants grow, we will transfer them to the school gardens. This activity will be one in full swing until the end of the school year, as well as the cleanliness of the spaces around the school.

Every week we set out to allocate a lesson to observe the surrounding biodiversity and to help insects and other lovely creatures by cleaning the space in which they live from polluting objects. We use and reuse paper bags to consume as little plastic as possible, as we know that only certain types of plastic are recyclable in Romania.

We continue to compost the plant residues to further use the soil in our garden.

Go Green! Go King`s Oak Team!

We Love Spring!

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