Weekly menu

MENU 30th – 3rd of  June






Fish day Chicken day Beef/Pasta day Turkey day International day – Spain
A la grec soup Chicken soup with noodles Beef soup Soup with dumplings Gazpacho
Ovenmade salmon Shanghai chicken Lasagna Turkey with gorgonzola sauce Quesadilla with chicken and vegetables
Ovenmade mix of vegetables Fried cheese Vegetarian lasagna Vegetable Meatballs
Wedges potatoes Rice Mashed potatoes Chicken paella
Oriental salad White cabbage salad Cucumber and pepper sticks Cucumber salad Vegetable empanadas
Brownie Tangerine Vanilla caneloni Apple Catalan cream
Bananas Yogurt with cereals Home made cookie Banana Milk bar
Croissant Cake Sandwich with ham and cheese Mini cheese pastries