Weekly menu

MENU 24th – 28th February






Tomato soup Vegetable cream soup Turkey meatball soup Russian beef soup  Celery cream soup
Ovenmade salmon Ovenmade potatoes Pasta tricoloured (no meat) Pasta bolognese  Chicken meatballs with sauce
Grilled chicken breast Pizza margherita Green bean sautee with baby carrot Beef on the hob  Chicken mini burgers
Veg: Potato with cheese Veg: Fried zucchini Veg: Fried cheese Veg: Pasta with cheese Veg: Vegetable meatballs with sauce/Vegetable mini burgers
Pasta with tomato sauce Chicken legs with barbecue sauce Turkey snitzel  Noodles and olives without seeds  Mashed potatoes
Cucumber sticks Red cabbage salad Tomato and pepper sticks  Mixed vegetable sticks  Salad with cheese
Green apple Muffin with vanilla Pears Yogurt  Fanta cake