What Our Parents Say

“You all were like family”

Thank you so much for everything. We had a wonderful time here. The kids were so happy here. Keep up the good work. You all were like family. Till we meet again.
—Linn, Lois, Symon, Liette

“The ideal school for my boys”

Amazing place to be for my boys, a second family, it’s hard to find the words. There is no ideal school, but this one was the ideal school for my boys, they loved coming in here, they learnt lots of things, they made friends of all ages, they were happy and this is the most important at their age.

Thank you!
Luca, Toma, Ileana

“We truly find King’s Oak unique”

King’s Oak is unique. When we were arriving to Bucharest, we have heard about a small British school. At that point we made a mistake we regret. We did a bet on a large international school, similar to the one we were coming from, instead of verifying received references properly. As a result of such our ignorance, our kids had lived only through one great year in King’s Oak instead of two years of our stay in Romania.

We truly find King’s Oak unique. When we were told that our friends’ kids feel pity that they cannot come to school when they are ill, that they are looking forward to go to school on Mondays, I considered this a fiction fairy tale. But it was a fact. Our kids were also sad when had to stay at home and miss school classes. One can argue why it is as such. One can have many sleepless nights looking for the root-cause. If you would think that there are lower requirements from the kids, you would be wrong, because are international benchmark tests every year confirming school’s educational qualities. Our kids enjoyed naturally emerged competition; they were eager to participate on interschool competitions and loved wide range of high-quality afterschool activities.

The uniqueness of King’s Oak is driven by the true individual approach devoted to each kid by the qualified and nice teachers.

When you enroll King’s Oak from your current school, you would feel the same difference like when buying bread in Baneasa mall’s Carrefour or in a small family bakery. In both shops you can get very good product, but in the small family bakery you will feel cozy, comfortable, you will feel the attention devoted to you. King’s Oak isn’t a factory. King’s Oak is your family friendly school, which your kids will definitely love!
Alena and Radim, Czech Republic

“Working from their heart with authentic and sincere attitude”

For King`s Oak School,
Michael had a year of growth, emotionally, socially and academically. He is going every day to school happily, does not want to miss one day. Jumping from bed in the morning waiting excitingly for whatever this day will bring.

He feels involved and a strong connection to his peer group and to both of his teachers. The teachers achieved these results with Michael with their love to the children, and to the teaching process, by working from their heart with authentic and sincere attitude and looking at the children needs, before anything else, as human beings rather than as purely students.

By being caring about him, by accepting him as a whole with his areas of strength end areas of challenge. Engaging his on motivation and sense of commitment. By empowering him, with humor and with natural warmth. Personally I want to thank Kings Oak School for allowing us to benefit from these amazing resourceful teachers and my experience, (being myself a teacher and an education counselor), one of a kind teachers, we also benefit from the wonderful cooperation between them, that were transmitted to the children.

“A life changer for those little young souls”

I would like to thank you for your warm welcome!!! It was incredible to see that our kids were so happy for this chance to be back in what they still consider as their school and the environment they embrace now even more than before, to see their enthusiasm for a learning environment that you and your staff create at King’s Oak.

If to look broader – this environment is such a life changer for those little young souls at your school as it indeed is an outstanding and unique place.
Just to imagine that my children keep mentioning King’s Oak every day shows that for them it has been much more than a school, we see the trace your school has left on their personalities in the best way! And we keep cherishing it!

Thank you and your colleagues so much for having us and all the great job you are doing!
We miss you and every each of you!!!

Best wishes from Norway!

“It’s not his school, but rather it is his home”

Dear King’s Oak School (INSPE),

I am addressing the whole school because it is really one full piece associated in my heart. Every single person working here is part of its harmony. For us it is like a family where everybody knows each other and take care of each other.

The atmosphere here on every level is very cozy, kind, warm, positive, enthusiastic… at the same time the level of education is very high. I can definitely compare that because of my children who have been transferred in one of the best schools within British system here in Bucharest.

Math, literacy and art is especially at a high level here, in my opinion, and these are important issues. But the most important thing here are the teachers. They really know how to motivate a child yet being very friendly. For instance, my 3.5-year-old son Altay used to say that “it’s not his school, but rather it is his home.” It is the best indicator for us, the parents. And we really don’t want to leave neither the peaceful Romania, nor the King’s Oak School.

“I truly see the teachers as professionals”

Dear King’s Oak School,

To come to King’s Oak School was one of the best decision we could do for our children. I truly see the teachers as professionals and at the same time very open in approaching their students, treat them as an individual and challenge them in the encouraging ways. It helps our children to grow their knowledge, independence, and self-confidence.

For us as parents is so rewarding to see our children in the morning, being happy to go to school. Ondrej & Gabriela will be missing school, friends, teachers….very much.

“This school caught my eye because it was so inviting!”

Dear King’s Oak School,

I remember the first day that I came to this school for the toddler group. Maddy was 18 months and Griffin was only a month old! This school caught my eye because it was so inviting!

The school was small and very “homey”. I loved it immediately. The teachers were very open and helpful as well. I was so impressed and I knew this was the school for us. Now look at us. Madelyn is turning 6 in 2 weeks and Griff is 4.5 years old!

We have had many great experience here at King’s Oak as well, as in Romania. It is definitely hard to say goodbye. The school is special. The teachers here are absolutely amazing and have taught Maddy + Griff so much. I truly appreciate all that you have done for us.

Miss Monica – you have been so helpful as well…making sure our kids are safely on the bus+ keeping everyone informed and involved. I hope that we will find a school as good and as welcoming as yours in Abu Dhabi. We thank you from the bottom of your heart for keeping our kids safe + teaching them all that is possible. We will miss you all+ we hope to be back to visit some day! Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!
Ryan, Jamie, Madelyn + Griffin

“We will miss this special place!”

Dear King’s Oak School,

It has been a wonderful time for our family here at King’s Oak. For 3 years, Carter has thrived and enjoyed this wonderful learning environment. And the past 2 years for Kami have been pure joy for her.

As parents, we have loved watching her learn and look forward to school each day. It is a special group and teachers and staff here and we have been blessed to be a part of it. We wish you all the best in the future endeavors and growth into an all-through school. We will miss this special place!


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What Our Parents Say