Why choose King's Oak?

Why choose King’s Oak?

King’s Oak is unique as an International School and genuinely offers pupils the opportunity to ‘have their cake and eat it’.

Our aims are:

  • To inspire academic success
  • To nurture the individual
  • To prepare children for their future, whatever that may entail
  • To enable the children to be creative and innovative in their learning
  • To ensure every child has the support to achieve their best

Our academic standards at are exceptionally high especially as our intake of pupils is diverse and most are learning in their second or third language.

All children relish a bespoke education, differentiated to their individual needs and interests and delivered by committed, passionate and knowledgeable staff. Pupils achieve at an individual level and we expect children to respond to our expectations.
At King’s Oak children enjoy specialist input from an early age combined with the security and comfort of their class teacher who nurtures them pastorally.
Lessons are tailor made with tasks embracing each individual’s ability, no ‘one size fits all’!
Children are challenged, but they are well supported and with challenge comes strong guidance and encouragement; confidence is everything and with confidence comes success.
Education at King’s Oak is not simply regurgitation of facts: the curriculum is broad with a wealth of opportunity to develop skills applicable to a multitude of pathways, independent study, exploration, discovery, questioning and perseverance.

Children are engaged in their learning and understand the purpose and expectations of each task through clear learning objectives. The children are engaged in their education. It is not a passive experience but one that enables children to develop a full understanding of their potential, their purpose and a sense of their own spirit.