Why Choose King’s Oak?

As so many of our parents say, “ This is the school I would have wanted to come to as a child!”

King’s Oak is unique as an International School – we offer a truly personalized learning environment – a small school with a big heart and huge ambition.

  • We have two qualified teachers in each class and we know our children.
  • Lessons are tailor made with tasks embracing each individual’s ability, no ‘one size fits all’!
  • Academic standards are exceptionally high and children make well above expected progress.
  • At King’s Oak children enjoy specialist input from an early age combined with the security and comfort of their class teacher who nurtures them pastorally.
  • Children are challenged, but they are well supported and with challenge comes strong guidance and encouragement; confidence is everything and with confidence comes success.
  • Children are engaged in their learning and understand the purpose and expectations of each task.

Children are engaged in their education. It is not a passive experience but one that enables children to develop a full understanding of their potential, their purpose and a sense of their own spirit.

  •  ARACIP registered for all year groups.

King’s Oak School Inspection Report

“A love of learning is embedded in all aspects of school life” – British Schools Overseas Inspectors 2017

Check the complete report by clicking here


A letter from one of the parents

Dear Mrs Eriksson,

I would like to thank you for your warm welcome!! It was incredible to see that our kids were so happy for this chance to be back in what they still consider as their school and the environment they embrace now even more than ever before; to see their enthusiasm for a learning environment that you and your staff create at King’s Oak. If to look broader – this environment is such a life changer for those little young souls at your school as it indeed is an outstanding and unique place.

Just to imagine that my children keep mentioning King’s Oak every day shows that for them it has been much more than a school, we see the trace your school has left on their personalities in the best way! and we keep cherishing it!

It was also amazing to see all the changes the school has experienced since your arrival both academic and facility-wise during the summer. Fantastic!

Thank you and your colleagues so much for having us and all the great job you are doing!!
We miss you and every each of you!!

Best wishes from Norway!